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Lydie Tonguino

Program Advisor - Guinea

Lydie leads the implementation of our program in Guinea, including building and strengthening connections with government and other stakeholders. She provides technical support to our partner organizations through capacity building, mentoring and accompaniment, and in the design and implementation of their programs and activities.

Lydie has over seven years’ experience in child protection and gender-based violence programming within national and international organizations and institutions.

Before joining the Girls First Fund, Lydie worked with the American Peace Corps, Plan International, and UNICEF on child protection and the promotion of gender equality. She has been working with girls’ organizations for over a decade to strengthen their capacities in combating gender-based violence and promoting female leadership through mentoring, experience-sharing, and training.

Lydie holds a master’s degree in Humanitarian Aid and International Cooperation from the Kalu Institute, and a bachelor’s degree in political science from the General Lansana Conte University of Sonfonia. She is an alumna of Mandela Washington Fellowship program at Michigan State University, where she received capacity-building in leadership for civic engagement. She is also an alumna of You Are Leader, a program that strengthened her leadership capacities on leadership.