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We Have an Ambitious Vision.

Our Theory of Change

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Our Grantmaking Principles

Provide flexible, long-term support
We give grantee-partners the resources and the peace of mind they need to implement lasting solutions through multi-year core support.
Fund historically-neglected groups
We are committed to reaching underfunded, new, and emerging groups, particularly girl- and women-led groups.
Share evidence
We share success stories and learnings on what’s working to improve the lives of girls. We also take a hard look at what’s not working, so we can make changes to increase our impact.
Reduce barriers
We develop creative ways to reduce barriers to funding for those working in the most marginalized communities, without sophisticated systems and processes in place to attract traditional funders.
Keep girls and grantees at the center of our work
We involve girls and grantee-partners in the design of our fund’s strategy, seeking their critical insights to inform the grantmaking strategy of the future.
Support advocacy efforts and movement building
We connect grantee-partners with national, regional, and international actors, so that they can influence policy and lead, shape, and participate in movements.

Where We Work

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Dominican Republic
The Democratic Republic of the Congo