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Jaynice Del Rosario

Senior Program Officer

Jaynice manages our Changemakers grants portfolio, and is part of our Dominican Republic and Niger country teams. Her work includes grant management, program design and implementation, and strategy building. She is excited about our work in participatory grantmaking with girls, and plays a key role in deepening our work with girl partners.

Jaynice began her career conducting independent research on girls’ lack of access to education in Cameroon in 2010. Since then, she has worked in many parts of the world including Nicaragua, Ethiopia, and Nepal, doing international development work that centers girls and supports their right to an education and to self-determination.

While in the Peace Corps, Jaynice served as National Coordinator of Gender and Development, designing and implementing local and regional programs for adolescent girls. She has designed and led education and youth leadership initiatives at The Bronx Institute at Lehman College and at the Sadie Nash Leadership Project, helping a plethora of young people get into college.

Jaynice is passionate about participatory grantmaking that centers girls and gives them the power to direct funding in the ways they see fit.