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Maria Horning

Senior Program Director

Maria activates the power of teamwork and collective will to generate solutions to complex problems, designing and delivering plans and actions that meet the needs of varied stakeholders of the Girls First Fun

As an advisor to clients on collaborative philanthropic fund design and implementation at Geneva Global, Maria facilitates fund strategy development and the creation of key structures, processes, and criteria that increase grantmaking and program management impact and effectiveness. Maria values the practical, field perspective, and works with clients to facilitate a process for co-creation and design with representatives from the affected community, potential grantees, and other actors.

Maria provides and fosters positive energy with her team and clients through her energetic facilitation of convenings, stakeholder meetings, and learning activities. Through her dedication and positive outlook, Maria builds trust and rapport with stakeholders and promotes a ‘can-do’ attitude. As a grantmaker having supported grantees working in some of the most difficult contexts and with the most marginalized communities, Maria’s guidance is grounded in pragmatism and oriented toward continuous learning and innovation. This endurance and hope originate from her belief in humanity’s potential and the power of groups to identify and advance creative solutions.

Maria leads programs to advance human rights and improve access to opportunities alongside marginalized, economically-disadvantaged communities. Maria implements processes to source, qualify, and monitor grantee-partners’ projects, identify technical assistance opportunities, and consolidate strategic programmatic priorities, sharing achievements externally to showcase the strong work of grantee-partners.

Prior to Geneva Global, Maria worked in the for-profit sector as a financial analyst. This training cultivated Maria’s ability to analyze details while keeping the big picture in mind.

Maria received her BA in economic development from Eastern University. She is currently pursuing an MA in organizational leadership and development with a concentration in organizational psychology at St. Joseph’s University.